Menai high school Sentral | Details About this Amazing School, 2021

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Menai high school Sentral | Details About School
Menai high school Sentral

Menai High School Sentral is a massive present day complete excessive college serving the Menai, Alfords Point and Illawong regions in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire. The operation of the college is underpinned via way of means of the subsequent ideals and values:

The welfare of every character is the obligation of each member of the college network; each member of the college network has a lifestyles lengthy proper and obligation to study and to attempt for private excellence; and the college and network paintings in partnership for his or her mutual benefit.

Menai high school Sentral prides itself on the extensive variety of topics and high-satisfactory of coaching supplied to college students, a being concerned method to scholar welfare, revolutionary strategies to gaining knowledge of and using generation in gaining knowledge of. An energetic college council, dad, and mom and residents association, and skilled devoted personnel assist entire college projects in literacy, generation and vocational training.

Cooperative group leadership, robust welfare techniques, and complete education and improvement applications for personnel and college students underpin college and character achievement. Menai High became installed in 1988 with a completely unique layout to supplement its herbal surroundings and match the wider desires of their younger network.

Menai high school Sentral | Details About School
Menai high school Sentral

Menai high school Sentral ovals are shared with nearby carrying organizations, and the college hall, incorporating an indoor basketball court, overall performance level and multimedia projection system, has supplied a domestic for lots of network groups.

With its personal farm, Menai High is capable of provide precise gaining knowledge of reviews that mirror the area’s rural background. The completely carpeted classrooms, beautifully resourced library and fairly flexible lecture theater and overall performance area are the envy of many nearby excessive schools.

Friendly and green customer support is supplied in a present day, significant workplace surroundings Over the years the college has replied to the desires of its college students with the addition of an array of extraordinary centers, frequently with the help and monetary assist of their fairly devoted and enthusiastic Parents and Citizens Association. Menai high school Sentral.

Five pc laboratories, the library, workplace, and personnel rooms at the moment are served via way of means of over 2 hundred networked computers. Interactive whiteboards and a wi-fi community for pc get right of entry to substantially decorate their on-line gaining knowledge of opportunities. Within the library, a senior observe and a totally ready and staffed Independent Learning Centre had been installed.

Drama, dance, and song studios offer splendid centers withinside the acting arts, along side a valid recording studio and video modifying facilites. A permitted marine laboratory, business trendy kitchens, a massive automobile workshop and completely ready health centre provide specialized gaining knowledge of reviews for a extensive variety of interests.

More recently, great centers catering for the desires of disabled college students had been installed, which includes ramps and air-conditioning in some regions with inside the college. ‘Ann’s Place’, an outdoor, tiered gaining knowledge of area and local garden, has additionally been evolved to decorate gaining knowledge of opportunities.

Menai high School Sentral History

Menai high school Sentral | Details About School
Menai high school Sentral

Menai High School Sentral opened in February 1988 with a scholar populace of 375 enrolled in years 7 and 8. Menai high school Sentral first Principal became Don Harwin who became ably assisted via way of means of their Deputy, Mike Wilson. The college became formally opened via way of means of The Honorable Virginia Chadwick, Minister for School Education and Youth Affairs on Monday the sixth April 1992, the 12 months of the college’s first 12 months 12 cohorts.

Following Mr Harwin’s retirement in 1997, Mrs Edith McNally became appointed Principal, a position she nevertheless holds today. From its beginnings, Menai High has loved robust network assist. Their P&C and School Council have assisted withinside the provision of their splendid centers and withinside the formation of their contemporary-day college guidelines and college culture.

Menai High has produced an excellent array of achievements over its incredibly brief history. Its alumni have excelled in lots of fields which includes science, recreation and acting arts.

Menai high school Sentral Details

Going to Menai high school Sentral can be a brand new enjoy in your infant. The faculty is probably to be tons larger than the number one faculty and your infant can also additionally experience a touch insecure at first. Instead of being a senior in a small faculty, they’re now a newbie in a massive faculty. However, it’s also a thrilling time with many possibilities and a broader curriculum.

New experience

From Day 1, there can be many adjustments to get used to together with having some of distinctive instructors and distinctive classrooms, regularly unfold throughout a bigger campus. Set elegance intervals on precise topics can also be of an extended length than in number one faculty. Students convey round notes and books, every so often heavy, from elegance to elegance.

New Teachers

In excessive faculty college students generally have eight or extra instructors and a scholar or yr adviser to coordinate their activities. There also are head instructors for distinctive key mastering regions and classmates can range from elegance to elegance.

New topics

Year 7 college students can be brought to topics they have not skilled before. They can also be predicted to be extra independent, self-reliant and self-prompted than in number one faculty. Lessons will regularly be extra scholar-targeted and instructors becomes assets and guides, in place of instructors.


Students are given timetables with topics, instances and room places listed. They want to test their timetables every nighttime to make certain they have got the right books, device and homework finished for the following day’s instructions. Reading and information timetables can make an effort to get used to and shifting from room to room may unsettle and tire them. Menai high school Sentral

New buddies

Making new buddies may be a frightening assignment for Year 7 college students. Students regularly come from a number of number one colleges, and they will discover themselves in instructions full of youngsters they do not recognize. Fitting in is regularly vital to Year 7 college students – locating human beings they prefer and who percentage their pursuits enables to encourage them and growth their self-esteem. Discuss their new faculty stories every day, the human beings they have got met or observations they have got made – that manner there may be a recognition of problems after they stand up in place of whilst it is too late. Menai high school Sentral.

Peer pressure

Making new buddies and a choice to in shape in every so often approach college students to do matters they won’t commonly do – in order that they may be appreciated or be one of the crowd. Letting youngsters recognize they do not should do the whole thing their friends do is a vital manner of making sure the friendships they make are actual and positive – now no longer primarily based totally on strain or conformity. Telling them a actual buddy is a person who likes them for whom there is a treasured message.

Homework and Study

Homework set will range in quantity and kind due to the range of instructors and topics every day – maximum college students will want to perform a little homework each nighttime – whether it’s an assessment of the day’s lesson, crowning glory of physical activities or beginning a task this is due down the track. Study time is distinctive to homework. During have a look at time, college students ought to cross over the day’s work, study their textbooks or notes, create summaries and attempt to growth their information of ideas blanketed in elegance.

Menai high school Sentral’s Principal’s Message

Menai high school Sentral | Details About School
Menai high school Sentral

Welcome to Menai High School Sentral. My call is Barney Ellevsen. I am very proud and privileged to be appointed because the Principal of Menai High School Sentral. It is a truely exceptional instructional institution. One of the matters they’re very pleased with is that Menai High outperforms the nation via way of means of sincerely each measure: Higher School Certificate and NAPLAN effects are extraordinary.

The Menai high school Sentral presents stronger profession pathways through one in every of the biggest choice of Vocational Education and Training publications with inside the region. Student attendance charges are properly above nation averages. Menai High School Sentral is really an exceptional, excessive acting college and it’s miles of an area in which college students need to head each day. Like any excessive acting organization, Menai High School Sentral’s achievement is due to the human beings within.

I am sure that you’ll be completely inspired via way of means of the high-satisfactory of the leadership, coaching and administrative groups that paintings in live performance to supply a primary rate, holistic training to each scholar who walks through the doors. Menai High embraces an entire man or woman paradigm.

The Menai high school Sentral shared cause is focused upon 3 matters. The first is growing extraordinary residents who’re capable to make treasured contributions to their communities. The 2d is instilling in college students a long-lasting love of gaining knowledge of in order that they may achieve success, novices for lifestyles. The 0.33 is equipping college students with the capabilities and capacities they require to achieve success in any lifestyles route they choose, whether this is university, different submit college observe or access into the workforce.

You will see these items for your self with inside the video presentation beneath which highlights college students attaining in instructional studies, carrying pursuits, cultural and acting arts sports, extracurricular sports and leadership. You will even see college students embracing generation in revolutionary approaches and being immersed in gaining knowledge of each outside and inside the classroom of Menai high school Sentral.

Most importantly, you’ll see that students of Menai high school Sentral are satisfactory younger residents who’re happy, safe, properly cared for and feature a real connection and engagement with their college. They are very proud to provide instructional reviews to their college students that truly are world-class. It is through those reviews that they’re capable of to broaden college students who graduate as professional novices, professional residents who’re professional for lifestyles.

Menai high school Sentral Bell Ring Timing

Bell rings8:528:528:528:529:02
Roll call8:558:558:558:559:05
Bell rings11:1211:1211:1210:4211:30
Lunch 112:5512:5512:5512:151:40
Lunch 21:161:161:1612:372:05
Bell rings1:371:371:371:002:22
End of day3:203:203:202:303:15
Menai high school Sentral

Menai high school Sentral School Uniform Details

The Menai High School Sentral community has decided that Menai high School Sentral is a full uniform school. Students are expected to wear the Menai High School Sentral uniform each day. The uniform helps each student to identify with the school, and it should be worn with pride. Menai high school Sentral.

Menai High School Uniform Picture
Menai high school Sentral

Their school uniform shop is open during school terms on Tuesday mornings, 8am to 12 noon and on Friday afternoons, 12:30pm to 4:30pm.

Junior girls uniform

  • Blouse – White short sleeved
  • Skirt – Red and green check with two pleats
  • Pullover – Bottle green wool blend with red embroidered dragon crest.
  • Cardigan – Bottle green acrylic 
  • Socks – White ankle length
  • Shoes – Black leather or suede (standard school style)
  • Slacks – Plain black straight gabardine
  • Undershirt – White (long sleeved)
  • Tights – Black opaque non-ribbed

Senior girls uniform

  • Blouse – Tailored white blouse
  • Skirt – Grey with two pleats front and back
  • Tie – Red and white spots
  • Shoes – Black leather
  • Socks- White ankle length 
  • Jumper – Red wool blend with embroidered dragon crest 
  • Cardigan – Senior red acrylic cardigan
  • Slacks – Plain black stretch slacks

Junior boys uniform

  • Shirt – White over shirt with red embroidered dragon crest
  • Shorts – Grey cotton polyester wash and wear style
  • Pullover – Bottle green wool blend with red embroidered dragon crest
  • Jacket – Black and red taslon jacket with zip front
  • Socks – White ankle length with no coloured stripes or logos
  • Shoes – Black leather or suede (standard school style)
  • Trousers – Mid grey 
  • Undershirt – White (long sleeve)
  • Senior boys uniform
  • Shirt – White over shirt with red dragon crest 
  • Short- Grey cotton/polyester wash and wear style 
  • Jumper – Red wool blend with embroided dragon crest 
  • Shoes – Black leather or suede (standard school style)
  • Trousers – Mid grey serge wash and wear style
  • Undershirt – White (long sleeve) – optional
  • Sock – White ankle length (worn with shorts)
  • Tie – Grey with red dragon crest

Boys and girls sports uniform 

  • Polo shirt – White and black with school logo and red trim
  • Shorts – Red and black
  • Socks- White sports type
  • Tracksuit – Black taslon pants with red and white piping. Black and red taslon top with zip front.
  • Shoes – Suitable sports footwear

Menai high school Sentral School Staff Details

Get to know the Menai high school Sentral staff. They’re all here to help.

Their professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of Menai high school Sentral. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Their school administrative staff can answer inquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.

Warilla High School Intranet | warilla high school intranet | Best School

Menai high school Sentral School staff, 2021


  • Mr B Ellevsen 

Deputy principal

  • Years 7 & 9 – Mrs E Sayed-Rich  

Deputy principal

  • Years 8 & 10 –  Mrs R Allen

Deputy principal

  • Years 11 & 12 – Mr L Meagher 

Teaching staff

Head teachers

  • Administration – Ms C O’Donnell 
  • Administration – Mrs L Ferraro 
  • Welfare – Ms B Stone
  • English – Ms E Haag 
  • Mathematics – Ms N Vickery 
  • Science / agriculture – Mrs A Hanna
  • Human society and its environment – Mrs Y Mazoudier
  • Learning support – Mrs D Cooper
  • Teaching & Learning – Mrs J Rogers
  • Technical and applied studies – Mr B Monger
  • Creative and performing arts – Mr N Middleton
  • Personal development health and physical education – Mr M Robinson
  • Languages – Mr M Robinson
  • Vocational education and training – Mrs L Blanche
  • Careers – Mr G Gregorye & Mr C McCartney
  • Counsellor – Mrs J Hackett & Mrs J Klinkon
  • School chaplain – Mr J Erskine
  • Special religious education teacher – Mr J Erskine

Year Advisers

  • Yr12 – Ms J Almond, Ms C O’Donnell & Mrs L Ferraro
  • Yr11 –  Ms N Ryan & Mr A Bean
  • Yr10 –  Ms M Ready &  Mr C Cole 
  • Yr9 –   Mr A Staines & Ms L Northover
  • Yr8 –  Mr L Ensor & Mrs H Barrie
  • Yr7 –  Ms A Katsiris & Mr J Dengate


Head teacher : Mrs A Hanna

Teachers : Mr Bean, Mr Colella, Mr Constance, Mrs Hanna, Ms Ready, Mr Cole, Ms Perkins, Mrs Rogers, Ms Liley, Mr Carpenter


Head teacher : Ms E Haag 

Teachers: Mrs H Barrie, Mrs K Chapman, Mrs N Hennessy, Mrs N Carson, Mr L Meagher, Mrs M Waugh, Mr L Ensor, Ms D Gardiner, Mrs E Sayed-Rich, Ms E Boulmetis, Mrs T Raptis, Mr L Bullen


Head teacher: Mrs Vickery

Teachers: Ms Carroll, Mr El Masri, Mrs Ghosh, Mrs Harris, Mrs Moore, Mrs O’Donnell, Ms Pyliotis, Ms A Katsiris, Mrs C Hamilton, Ms M Daher, Mr J Dengate 

Human society and its environment

Head teacher: Mrs Y Mazoudier 

Teachers: Ms Blaylock, Ms Garden, Mrs Hamilton, Mrs Monir, Ms Northover, Mrs Prince, Mr Staines, Ms Fenemore, Mrs Summerfield and Mrs Wearring.

Personal development, health and physical education

Head teacher: Mr M Robinson 

Teachers: Mrs R Allen, Mrs C Basford, Mr P Phease (sports coordinator), Mrs J Hely, Mrs R Merola, Mrs K Rae, Mrs S Robinson, Mrs B Stone.

Creative and performing arts 

Head teacher: Mr N Middleton 

Teachers: Ms J Almond, Mr A Bradney, Mrs M Colliss, Ms A Masi, Mrs E Imer, Ms E Millington, Mr S Riorden

Technological and applied studies 

Head teacher: Mr B Monger 

Teachers: Mrs N O’Keefe, Mrs J Liley, Ms N Rozga, Mr O Herbert, Mr T Fortunato, Ms N Ryan, Mr E Johnson, Mrs L Blanche, Mr C Lustre, Ms S Monaghan

Langauges other than english 

Teachers: Mrs L Ferraro, Mrs N Hassan and Ms R Harrison

Menai high school Sentral Contact Details

Address : 40 Gerald Rd, Illawong NSW 2234, Australia

Phone Number : +61295437000

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