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At Hudson Park High School, we’re guided through our motto, ‘Tentando Superabis’, which means ‘By Endeavor We Will Succeed’.

Hudson park high school welcomes younger humans to a surrounding wherein to unfold their wings and include possibilities to emerge as the first-rate that they aspire to be. In pursuit of this, we count on them to take gain of possibilities for improvement presented through all our Pillars – Academic, Physical, Cultural, Pastoral, and Leadership.

Originally based in 1905, Hudson Park High School has a protracted and proud records of supplying complete and applicable training. We recognize every learner’s specific identity – primarily based totally on character, scholastic flair and kindness – in place of on a selected culture, religion, or language. We desire to imbue our beginners with a mindset that is, on the equal time, humble and altruistic.

Hudson park high school accept as true with in balanced training, encouraging our beginners to apply all the possibilities supplied through our college to expand their God-given competencies and talents. We emphasize our center values of respect, responsibility, honesty, tolerance and loyalty.

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Vision of Hudson park high school

Hudson park high school
Hudson park high school

Their imaginative and prescient is to make sure that Hudson Park High School stays a college of excellence in our region, dedicated to a balanced training.

Mission of Hudson park high school

  • Assignment is to be a pleasant own circle of relatives college wherein kids are knowledgeable in a heat surroundings primarily based totally on Christian values.
  • Hudson park high school accept as true with in non-public increase via nice expectation.
  • Hudson park high school dedicated to supplying a balanced, inclusive training and to encouraging our beginners to expand their complete capability via participation in a huge variety of academic, physical, cultural, and pastoral activities.
  • They sell a mindset of being concerned and service. We recognize absolutely everyone as a character whose dignity is reputable and whose experience of self-esteem is promoted.
  • They inspire open conversation in any respect levels.
  • They offer many possibilities for management and the belief of responsibility.
  • Hudson park high school trying to find to engender a spirit of loyalty and satisfaction in our college and its traditions.
  • They accept as true with that truthful field ends in the improvement of character responsibility and the strengthening of self-field.
  • The fulfillment of Hudson Park High School is measured in phrases of confident, satisfied beginners and body of workers contributors prepared to stand the demanding situations of a converting global with braveness and sensitivity.

Story of Hudson park high school

Since its founding in 1976, Hudson Park has mounted itself as a chief faculty that enjoys the help of neighborhood and nearby communities. It has come to be famed for a balanced and present day curriculum incorporating academics, wearing activities, cultural pursuits, pastoral outreach and management. A richly-illustrated records of the faculty has been written through Rob Parents and Trevor Webster.

History of Hudson park high school

From Humble Beginnings

Hudson park high school east London strains its roots again to the start of the twentieth Century, whilst tiny faculties had been mounted with inside the vicinity.

Clifton Primary School 1905

One of those became Clifton A3 Primary School, housed with inside the St Alban’s Church hall. It became based through Ms Craig, in 1905, and boasted sixteen students. Hudson park high school east London

The first inspector’s report, written on 18 July 1905, reads as follows:

‘The faculty became opened on 17 July. It is a department of faculty, mounted through the School Board of Cambridge, for you to take care of the wishes of that a part of the municipal vicinity referred to as Clifton. Upward of 30 students had been promised, however a virulent disease of measles, frequent in that locality, has interfered with the hole numbers’.

The faculty quickly outgrew St Albans, and a floor in the beginning earmarked for a German Settlement became re-allotted for education. The Foundation Stone of the brand new three-school room faculty became laid on the prevailing web website online of Hudson Park High School, on 14 December 1912. Hudson park high school east London.

In 1919 Mr Clarke succeeded Ms Craig. In the one’s days the faculty owned all the land from Chamberlain Road, through the Berea ’dip’, to Devereaux Avenue. Mr Clarke had visions of growing astonishing sports activities floor at the land, however the faculty became small and poor. Hudson park high school east London. Some years later a part of the assets became bought to the Catholic Church and De La Salle College, now Port Rex Technical High School, became constructed there.

The York Road Poor School 1905 – 1916

Lot L, known as the ‘Poor School Lot’ and located among Western Avenue and the railway line, became donated through the Cambridge Municipality to the Cape Education Department in 1905. It is viable that a farm faculty existed at the lot earlier than 1905, however in 1906, the so-referred to as ‘Poor School’ became moved to this location, with get entry to from York Road. Ms Story became the primary Principal. Hudson park high school east London.

The York Road Poor School is indexed with inside the East London Red Book of 1914, with Ms Clough because the Principal. Hudson park high school east London.

A Changing Image

Hudson park high school
Hudson park high school

Vincent Park Primary School 1917 – 1976

In 1917, a brand-new faculty constructing became erected at the assets and named Vincent Primary School. Hudson park high school east London. This faculty, significantly cherished through lots of East Londoners, first catered for an impoverished segment of the network. In the early years and specially at some point of the Great Depression, the students regularly attended faculty bare-footed. Nevertheless, notwithstanding intense financial restrictions, the faculty grew in numbers and extra land became obtained in 1936. Hudson park high school east London.

Its picture as ‘the Poor School’ became to extrade dramatically aleven though whilst Mr Allen took over as Principal, in 1948. Hudson park high school east London. He converted the small faculty in each viable way. Uncompromising, but dependable and goal-directed, Mr Allen ensured that he were given the excellent for ‘his’ faculty. A new badge, motto, and uniform had been introduced. The faculty became one of the first Primary faculties to have its personal swimming pool. It additionally have become famend for its tremendous pantomimes produced through Ms Emslie, and shortly Vincent Primary ranked as one of the fundamental faculties in East London. Hudson park high school east London.

The Red House Estate And The Convent Of The Sacred Heart

The Red House Estate became a huge segment of high land that after encompassed the entire suburb of Clifton Park and lots of the land among Hudson Avenue and Devereaux Avenue. Hudson park high school east London.

In 1907 a first-class manor residence became constructed at the property, out of purple Grahams town brick. It became referred to as colloquially ‘The Red House’, and with inside the early 1920s, the residence and property became obtained through the Malcomess own circle of relatives. Hudson park high school east London. In 1924 an implementing Sir Herbert Baker facade became introduced to the constructing, collectively with huge doorways which led into an atrium designed and constructed through Italian stone masons. Hudson park high school east London.

The assets became later bought through the own circle of relatives, and it has become the gracious Red House Hotel. In time, the motel became additionally bought and lots of the property have become residential even. Hudson park high school east London. In 1951, The Catholic Church bought the property and an astonishing new faculty constructing became built at the Hudson Avenue side, in 1951. This became to come to be the Convent of the Sacred Heart. Hudson park high school east London.

The Convent Moves Out And Vincent Primary Moves In

The Convent determined, withinside the mid 1970’s, to consolidate its operations and flow to the St Anne’s complicated in St Mark’s Road. The complete Red House property, with all the homes, became bought to the Cape Education Department for the grand sum of R71,380! Mr Allen then implemented for permission to transport Vincent Primary School into the Convent homes at the Red House Estate. This became granted and the ‘fantastic flow’ commenced in 1975. Hudson park high school east London.

Vincent Park Primary Becomes Hudson Park Primary

At this point, Mr Allen and his Committee determined that Vincent Primary School could be renamed Hudson Park Primary School. ‘Hudson’, in honor of Mr Hudson who were a distinguished Councillor with inside the antique Cambridge Municipality, and ‘Park’, in connection with the tremendous Edwardian lawn of the property. Hudson park high school east London.

Developments And Amalgamation of Hudson park high school east London.

Hudson Park Primary, because it became now known, and Clifton Park Primary flourished beneath neath insightful management, and shortly the wheels started out turning withinside the very last level of the traits which caused amalgamation.

Clifton Park Secondary School 1959

A principal improvement befell in 1959 whilst Clifton Primary became raised to the repute of Secondary School. This intended that it went as a long way as Standard 8, and that students had been entitled to write down the Cape Junior Certificate examination.

Clifton Park High School 1965 – 1968

Later, at some point of the principalship of Mr Stonier, Clifton Park became granted High School repute.

It followed a brand-new picture symbolized through a purple blazer and a faculty badge depicting a German eagle and cruising ships. The German eagle became selected as a hyperlink with the beyond, for the reason that the floor on which the faculty stands had first been earmarked for German settlement. Hudson park high school east London. Many students had been additionally descendants of the unique German Settlers. The ships suggest an affiliation with a harbor town and additionally constitute the appearance of each the German and British Settlers.

The motto, ‘Tentando Superabis’, meaning ‘By Endeavour We Succeed’, became used for the primary time.

Clifton Park High And Hudson Park Primary Are Amalgamated 1976

There had been now principal faculties located contrary every different on Devereaux Avenue, and after many full of life debates, Mr Allen and his colleague Mr Algie, took the momentous step of amalgamating the 2 faculties. The one-of-a-kind purple blazer, badge, and motto of Clifton Park High School had been followed through Hudson Park Primary School, and Clifton Park High School modified its call to Hudson Park High School. Hudson park high school east London.

Ongoing Growth And Development

The Hudson network is a dynamic one, and in way to the visionary management of each of the faculties and their Governing Bodies, the beyond few in a long time have delivered exceptional growth. Facilities and infra-shape were improved, houses introduced, and staffing wishes addressed, in order that Hudson Park these days ranks along greatest faculties in South Africa.

Recent Improvements in Hudson park high school east London.

Hudson park high school
Hudson park high school
  • William’s House became obtained in 1885 and is now the cultural center of the High School.
  • In 1991, the Red House became completely renovated and became declared a National Monument. This stylish constructing is the management center of the Primary School. It includes a chapel, a boardroom, and a media center.
  • In 1994, an astonishing new management and schoolroom wing became introduced to the High School.
  • In 1998, a brand-new faculty became constructed on Devereaux Avenue to residence the Pre-Primary and Foundation Phase, financed absolutely through the parents.
  • In 2001, Clifton House on Hudson Avenue became obtained, and transformed into High bury Terrace Hostel for the High School.
  • A Second-High School hostel, Hampton House, opened its doorways in 2003.

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