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Clairlea Public School, positioned on Rosalind Crescent in Scarborough, first opened in 1952. In September 2002, the French Immersion software from Kindergarten to Grade eight turned into introduced. Clairlea Public School provide the specific possibility of early French Immersion to involved Senior Kindergarten college students and their families. Clairlea Public School try to allow all college students to attain excessive ranges of fulfillment and to accumulate the knowledge, abilities and values had to end up accountable individuals of society.

Clairlea Public School are devoted to supplying a mastering surrounding this is secure, nurturing, wonderful and respectful. This is enabled via the lively involvement of our college students, workforce, parents and network

Values of Clairlea public school

Clairlea public school
Clairlea public school
  • Each and each scholar;
  • A sturdy public training system;
  • A partnership of college students, faculties, own circle of relatives and network;
  • The distinctiveness and variety of their college students and their network;
  • The dedication and abilities of their workforce; equity, innovation, duty and accessibility; and
  • Mastering environments which might be secure, nurturing, wonderful and respectful.

Council of Values of Clairlea public school

The Clairlea public school Council Chair is Irit Hartman. The Council meets at the 1/3 Wednesday of the month with inside the evenings from 7 p.m. till about 8:30 p.m. Committee individuals talk troubles added ahead via way of means of dad and mom and paintings with the management in addressing worries and retaining the network abreast of college sports. In addition, the Clairlea Public School Council organizes and helps many fundraising sports every year. They then take spending requests from instructors and make choices with the management as to how the cash need to quality be spent to decorate the mastering of all college students at Clairlea.

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Staff of Clairlea public School

 JK/SK FDK Mrs. L. Cano
 JK/SK FDK Mrs.  C. Sharman
  JK/SK FDK Grade 1 Ms. Moledina  Ms. Oliver
 Grade 1/2 Mr. Bonin
 Grade 2/3 Mrs. E. Hawkins
 Grade 4 Ms. C. Vincent
 Grade 3/4 Grade 5 Mr. R. Phinnemore Mrs. M. Vlachos-Daskalakis
 Grade 6 Mr. J. Mitkovski
 Grade 7/8AMrs. R Jeffery
Grade 7/8B Ms. Brown
 Primary Music/DPA Mr. M. Kryzanowski
Library/STEM Mr. Fraquharson
 Phys. Ed. Mr. J. Church
 MusicMs. R. Purvis
Primary PHE

Primary HSP/Dance
Ms. J. Lowen

Ms. J. Wright
 HSP/SERTMr. J. Poon
 SK French Immersion Mme A. Fahim
 SK French Immersion  Mme S. Bauman
 Grade 1/2 French Immersion Mme F. Bensalam
 Grade 1 French Immersion Mme M. Janke
Grade 1/2 French ImmersionMme S. Sanchez
 Grade 2 French ImmersionMr. C. Diop
 Grade 3/4 French Immersion Mme. D. Mestechkin
 Grade 2/3 French ImmersionMme. T. Rampersad
 Grade 3 French Immersion Mme. S. Demeter
 Grade 4/5 French ImmersionMme. L. Hassanle
Grade 4/5 French Immersion Mme C. Trott
 Grade 5/6 French Immersion Mme K. Camara
 Grade 5/6 French Immersion Mme. K. Francis
 Grade 7/8 French Immersion Mme. V. Stempiniak
Grade 7/8 French Immersion



ECE SK French Immersion
Mme L. Jang-Naruse

Mrs. M Sidheri

Mrs. D. Johnson-Bennett

Mme K. Crewe
 ECE SK French Immersion Mme K. Morgan
SNA Ms. Copley-Cmgarov
 E.A. HSP/Spec Ed. Ms. B. Bedford/Ms. B. Feeney
 Principal Mr. J. Trevena
 Vice Principal(s) Ms. N. Blackwood-Fuller/ H. Ryan
 Office Administer Michelle Carson
 Office Secretary Carin Redman
 Chief Caretaker Matt Mackenzie
 Evening Caretaker Cheryl Hawkes (Hurst)
Clairlea public school

Safe Arrivals, Routines & Emergencies of Clairlea public school

Clairlea public school
Clairlea public school


Regular attendance at college is an essential issue in each scholar’s instructional achievement. Clairlea Public School inspire all of their college students to broaden this essential habit. Clairlea Public School ask dad and mom to assist their kids on this regard via way of means of scheduling appointments outdoor of everyday college hours each time possible. When a scholar need to be absent, dad and mom are reminded to name the college at 416-396-6165 to tell us of the scholar’s name, magnificence and the motive for absence. Clairlea public school.

Voicemail is in operation 24 hours an afternoon in your convenience. When we’ve now no longer heard from you, college employees will try and touch you to make certain that your toddler is certainly secure. You can recognize how time eating this could be, so we do recognize listening to from you first. It is essential that we are able to attain all college students’ dad and mom with inside the not going case of an emergency. For this motive, if your private home or enterprise numbers alternate at any time for the duration of the year, please allow us to realize immediately.

Clairlea Public School additionally inspire our college students to reach at college directly each with inside the morning and after lunch. When a scholar is late, he/she is predicted to file to the workplace. If tardiness persists, dad and mom will of direction be notified. Students leaving the college for the duration of the day, for any motive, are required to inform the college workplace. Parents wishing to choose up kids at college for appointments etc. need to file to the workplace to make this request. Your toddler will then be contacted. Clairlea public school.

Students returning to high school for the duration of the day need to file to the workplace to be admitted earlier than going to their classrooms.


Morning Announcements : Every day starts off evolved with the gambling of the National Anthem, observed via way of means of announcements.

Recognition Assemblies are held each Month. These assemblies will spotlight wonderful behaviours and college huge expectancies. They understand wonderful man or woman trends and accomplishments of college students. Nurturing a wonderful social and mastering surroundings is an essential a part of every day college existence at Clairlea.

Recess : Children are advocated to actively play outdoor at recess times. Please assist us via way of means of now no longer letting your kids deliver digital toys and different passive video games to high Clairlea public school. Yard supervision is maintained via way of means of instructors for the duration of those times.

Lunch : Students are brushed off for lunch at 11:30 a.m. Some of their college students cross domestic for a chilled and nourishing meal. Children who live for lunch are advocated to deliver a bitterness lunch. The lunch software affords lunchroom and college backyard supervision. All lunch software college students need to stay on college assets. Indoor sports are furnished with inside the Gym and Lunch Room for the duration of inclement climate.

Lunchroom forms (Lunch Form (403K eight/25/2008) ) and behavior expectancies are despatched domestic the primary week of college or ask for one on the workplace. They also can be discovered beneath neath Notices Home. If you would really like your toddler to have lunch at a friend’s domestic or restaurant, please make certain that a dated and signed observe from you is given to the study room instructor or workplace. These techniques are in area in your toddler’s protection. Clairlea public school.

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Emergencies Inclement Weather in Clairlea public school

Occasionally, extreme climate situations require the Toronto District Clairlea public school Board to cancel transportation and near faculties. This may also arise earlier than the start of the college day, or if situations end up extreme, for the duration of the college day. In the occasion of extreme or swiftly deteriorating climate situations, Parents may also determine to hold college students at domestic in the event that they agree with situations are unsafe. Clairlea public school.

The selection to shut faculties is made via way of means of the Director of Education. Through neighborhood radio and TV stations, each attempt can be made to tell dad and mom of any cancellation of lessons or of college transportation offerings. On days while it is miles freezing or rainy, please have your toddler arrive to high Clairlea public school rapidly earlier than eight:forty a.m. or 12:40 p.m., and please make certain that your toddler is dressed appropriately. They ask every scholar to have a couple of indoor footwear at college all through the college year. Students need to put on footwear always for protection and hygienic motives. Clairlea public school.

Fire Drills: As a part of their emergency preparedness plan, six hearth place drills can be performed to make certain the scholars can quick and properly go away the college in case of hearth place. Evacuation: Should the college want to be evacuated, all college students can be escorted to Sate in which they’ll stay till they could properly go back to the Clairlea or till dismissal time.

Evacuation: Should the college want to be evacuated, all college students can be escorted to Sate in which they’ll stay till they could properly go back to the Clairlea or till dismissal time.

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Health & Safety in Clairlea Public School

Clairlea public school

Peanut-Safe Environment

Clairlea Public School inspire a NUT and PEANUT FREE surroundings at Clairlea as a number of their college students and workforce be afflicted by existence-threatening allergies. Please make certain lunches and snacks do now no longer encompass nut or peanut merchandise or via way of means of-merchandise. Clairlea public school.

Illness at School

If your toddler turns into ill for the duration of the college day, his or her instructor will ship or take the kid to the workplace and a member of the workplace workforce will telecom smartphone to determine indicated at the emergency card if the hassle persists. Clairlea public school.

Chronic Illnesses, Allergies & Medication in Clairlea public school

If your toddler suffers from any contamination that would hinder their cap potential to perform (i.e. bronchial allergies for Phys. Ed.), an extreme hypersensitivity or every other different circumstance that would have an effect on their properly-being at college, please permit the workplace realize. You can be requested to finish a unique shape, so Clairlea Public School have the important touch information. If the college workforce wishes to manage medicinal drug in your behalf, which includes EpiPen, you may want to offer medicinal drug and clean commands as to the perfect dosage and frequency, in addition to finishing a shape giving us express permission to do so.

Communicable Diseases in Clairlea public school

If you agree with your toddler has a contamination that would be transmitted to others, you’re strongly advocated to hold your toddler at domestic to limit the chance of infecting the bigger college population. If you’re retaining your toddler domestic because of sickness, endorse the workplace and allow them to realize the character of the contamination. This is especially essential within side the case of exceedingly contagious adolescence ailments including fowl pox, mumps and seasonal illnesses including influenza. Clairlea public school.


Pedicurists are a nuisance in preference to a fitness hazard. Cases of head lice are at the growth in society. Parents are notified via way of means of letter if their kids have lice. If you discover lice in your toddler, please touch the workplace in order that Clairlea Public School are able to ship an observed domestic to different parents with inside the magnificence asking them to study their personal kids. Clairlea public school.

Parents need to take this duty very significantly as untreated lice multiply and unfold to different kids with inside the study room. The TDSB has a Pedicurists Program Coordinator to be hard to return to the college to help their Parents and determine volunteers with ridding kids of head lice. Clairlea public school.

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Walking to School & Parking

Please coach your kids to take the most secure direction to and from college and to live properly far from the automobile parking space. For protection motives we need to strictly put into effect the coverage of no college students with inside the workforce automobile parking space at any time. Parking is continually a mission round their college.

Unique interest to the protection of their kids is a need to. When it’s miles important, so one can force your toddler to high Clairlea public school, please examine the road symptoms and symptoms in our neighborhood. Legal parking is to be had with inside the spots furnished in their bus loop off of Carnwood. Please do now no longer drop off or park with inside the workforce automobile parking space.


Bicycles might not be ridden with inside the schoolyard for the duration of college hours. It is usually recommended that each one bicycles be padlocked with inside the motorcycle rack via way of means of the primary front for the duration of the day. You are answerable for your personal bicycle.

Skateboards, Rollerblades & Scooters

Skateboards, rollerblades, scooters and wheelies might not be ridden with inside the schoolyard or with inside the college for the duration of the college day.

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Contact Clairlea public school

Clairlea Public School Phone(416) 396-6165
Address: 25 Rosalind Cres
Scarborough, ON
M1L 2X1

Principal: Jerome Trevena
Vice-Principal(s): Norva Blackwood-Fuller
Heather RyanSuperintendent: Liz Holder
Trustee: Parthi Kandavel

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