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Brian brazeau American school paris course of study with a global Perspective

The American School of Paris is a global, co-ed, freelance school of over 800 students in their Lower school (3-10yrs), Gymnasium (11-13yrs) and higher school (14-18yrs).

American school of Paris – three happy higher school students founded in 1946 because the initial international school established in Europe, their school’s made heritage and dedicated service to the international and French communities continue nowadays to guide within the world of teaching and learning. Brian brazeau American school paris.

They are proud to be an initiation school of the International Baccalaureate program and one amongst the few faculties in Europe to supply a spread of each IB and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Brian brazeau American school paris.

They inspire associate degrees empower their students to become the absolute best they will be through associate degree expertise distinctive in Paris: A American School education centering on the individual, in a global setting underlined by a philosophy of respect and responsibility.

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Unique Learning expertise of Brian brazeau American school paris

Brian brazeau American school paris
Brian brazeau American school paris
  • A difficult, rigorous, university-preparatory educational program that embraces the most effective practices of associate degree American School model of education.
  • Exceptional and nurturing lecturers, guiding students to amass skills and vanity necessary for private success.
  • Outstanding programs in music, theater, art, sport and technology.
  • Students develop a way of world responsibility through active service-learning opportunities.
  • Diplomas
  • Their son had a bespoken education! ASP acknowledges that every student has their own strengths and weaknesses!
  • UPPER school PARENT
  • ASP offers the American high school certification, Advanced Placement associate degrees as an IB World school and has been giving the International Baccalaureate for over thirty years. Their graduates attend several of the most effective universities within the world. Brian brazeau American school paris.

International Student Body of Brian brazeau American school paris

ASP students hail from sixty-four totally different|completely different} countries and speak thirty-three different mother-tongue languages. Brian brazeau American school paris. With regarding one quarter of the school’s population dynamic annually, they’ve got become specialists in facilitating sleek transitions each into and out of their community.

Language (EAL) and Learning Support Brian brazeau American school paris

As associate degree inclusive school wherever students with numerous learning wants will realize an educational home, and to help their mobile families, ASP offers in depth support programs for English as a further learning and learning support services from the 3-year-old program through Grade twelve. The college accepts younger students (up to age ten) WHO don’t nonetheless speak any English.

In addition ASP Extension provides English programs for over 1500 native French youngsters annually.

Campus Features of Brian brazeau American school paris

ASP students learn on their spacious field with spick-and-span or recently refurbished facilities including:

  • STEAM labs and innovation center
  • world-class liberal arts Center and a recording equipment theater
  • collaborative work areas
  • two life-size gymnasiums and coaching center, massive outside sports fields
  • two well-stocked libraries
  • two fashionable cafeterias with French chefs and organic selections
  • The ASP Community
  • American school of Paris – school Community A important part of associate degree ASP expertise is their concerned parent community. A robust bond between folks and also the school enhances the lives of the scholars and their learning. The PFA offers such a large amount of opportunities for folks to urge concerned at school life at ASP. Brian brazeau American school paris.

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Accreditation, Affiliations and Governance

Accredited by the center faculties Association and also the Council of International faculties.
Member of the National Association of freelance faculties, the ecu Council of International faculties and also the Council for Advancement and Support of Education.
Registered as associate degree Association LOI 1901 (not-for-profit) organization in France.
Governed by a Board of Trustees, created of members of the college community and also the Head of the college.


MISSION: The American school of Paris may be a vivacious, international, family-oriented community. Their mission is to inspire associate degrees to prepare each student to realize personal and educational excellence as an engaged world subject by providing a difficult, innovative program among a compassionate setting. Brian brazeau American school paris.

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They Believe That:

  • Every person has equal price.
  • Honesty and integrity area unit central to all or any they have a tendency to do.
  • Individuals area unit to blame for their decisions and actions.
  • They best meet the wants of learners once they perceive them as people.
  • Through diligence and determination people are able to do their potential.
  • Every member of a community has the responsibility to contribute to the bigger smart.
  • Seeking to know numerous cultures, ideas and practices enriches a community.
  • A culture of high expectations and endeavor for excellence ends up in higher action.
  • Learning may be a continuous womb-to-tomb endeavor.
  • Great colleges nurture passion, curiosity, creativity, expressive style and joy.
  • Going on the far side the acquainted and taking risks stimulate growth, innovation and uncovering.
  • In a chop-chop dynamical world, achieving excellence demands commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Everyone shares responsibility for their world community and setting. Brian brazeau American school paris.

21ST CENTURY CAMPUS of Brian brazeau American school paris

Brian brazeau American school paris
Brian brazeau American school paris

Their stunning inexperienced field sits on nearly ten acres of land. They tend to recently designed a wonderful new higher college building, Lower college restaurant, Arts Link (which homes fine arts, music, and a recorder theater), Gymnasium STEAM/innovation science lab, maker areas, new lecture rooms, and restored the Lower college building. Brian brazeau American school paris.

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Their field boasts the following:

  • Sustainable construction and inexperienced practices for all construction
  • New purpose-made, environmentally-certified buildings
  • Core subject lecture rooms for every division are going to be clustered along
  • New higher college building providing extra space and twenty-first century learning potentialities
  • New 1,898-square-meter Arts Link, transportation along all ASP art genres
  • New Lower college restaurant designed specifically for their youngest learners
  • 5,855 sq. meters of new made learning areas
  • 10 cooperative and discovery areas
  • 8 science and discovery labs
  • A new STEAM Innovation Center with Art Studio, style Colaboratory, and school search. Brian brazeau American school paris.


The American school of Paris offers an impressive tutorial and extracurricular expertise for their 800 students, with a various and hospitable international school community comprised of fifty-four nationalities.

The school’s mission is to inspire and prepare every student to realize personal and tutorial excellence. They glance for highly-trained, older educators WHO regularly expand their subject data and technology artistry, integrate new ways in which of teaching, and share their love of learning. Some seventy % of their school incorporates a master’s degree or higher. They offer associate American course of study at a global school in France. Brian brazeau American school paris.

Professional development is associate integral a part of the ASP teaching expertise. In-house and off-site coaching programs and conferences by thought leaders facilitate to evolve skills. Their in-house welfare program helps to foster a holistic and balanced work setting.

On the sting of Paris, ASP’s 10.5 acre expansive, inexperienced field options 100 percent bran-new and totally redesigned buildings and schoolrooms, inside a peaceful and secure learning setting.

If there’s a footing announce on this page which can correspond along with your expertise and expectations, they tend to invite you to contact United States of America. Brian brazeau American school paris.

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CAMPUS SECURITY of Brian brazeau American school paris

Brian brazeau American school of paris
Brian brazeau American school paris

Peaceful, Safe, and Secure
Located in residential area Saint-Cloud, ASP is committed to safety and security, making certain a peaceful inexperienced field as an area to find out. Our expansive college grounds are equipped with open indoor and outside areas for youngsters to get pleasure from, explore, and learn inside. At constant time, not like all of France, our vigilance remains constant. The field is at the best security posture in accordance with our protocols, that reinforces their School as a peaceful, safe,. Brian brazeau American school paris.

Security Measures and secure place to find out

Their field is personal, access-controlled, fully-enclosed, and staffed with a nonstop security presence.
They actively maintain constant and period of time contact with leading police work and security consultants together with the native police, the police prefecture in Paris, and Embassy diplomatic consultants. Brian brazeau American school of paris.

Their recent infrastructure security project options a serious investment for the acquisition and integration of the newest technology in alarm and CCTV systems and access-control hardware and code.
A fully-tested school-wide communications data system has been developed to transmit security updates at any time to any or all families, School, and staff. Brian brazeau American school paris.

It is necessary to confirm stability in every ASP child’s daily college life – as a result of they all know that within the inside of the surprising, it’s essential to supply the sure and also the acquainted. Especially else, the American college of Paris is committed to making sure a peaceful inexperienced field as an area to find out, reassuring every child’s safety, security, and well-being.

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Welcome from the Board of Trustees

ASP’s mission is to inspire and prepare youngsters to attain personal and tutorial excellence. With our Going on the far side strategic set up because of the roadmap. ASP empowers students with the talents and outlook to change them to navigate life’s opportunities, and be agents of positive amendment.

Who they are

The ASP Board of Trustees is self-perpetuating and consists of forays from across the college, past oldsters, and alumni, all volunteers. Every trustee brings a special experience Associate in Nursing d acts as an impartial consultant, a haul problem solver, and endowed advocate on behalf of the American college of Paris. Brian brazeau American school paris.

What they do

ASP is Associate in Nursing freelance, school and a non-profit organization recognized underneath the French Association LOI American state 1901. As its administration, the Board works closely with Head of faculty, Jane Thompson, to confirm that the wants of the community ar served. Reassuring the infrastructure for our community’s on-campus safety and eudaemonia has perpetually been a priority, and particularly currently throughout the pandemic. They tend to govern and portion resources to best answer mission-driven opportunities in teaching and learning. Performance results ar printed every year in our Annual Report. Brian brazeau American school paris.

Board committees specialize in finance, advancement, facilities and new trustee achievement, procedures and policies; They frequently raise community members with relevant experience to contribute to committees. Please reach out if you’d wish to apprehend additional.

They additionally encourage oldsters to attach with the Parent school Association and also the Advancement workplace to find out concerning their programs and opportunities to support ASP and every different.

Thank you for selecting the American college of Paris as your child’s tutorial home and for being a part of our faculty community.

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For Admissions inquiries please see the Admissions section of the website or contact American School of Paris 41 rue Pasteur

92210 Saint-Cloud
Tel : +33 (0)1 41 12 82 82
Fax : +33 (0)1 46 02 23 90

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