Best School in Vizag for best future of Students in 2022

These Are the Best School in Vizag on the basis of Quality of Education, Management, School Infrastructure, Faculty etc. Scrolls down to see the Top 10 Best Schools in Vizag.

1. Little Angel’s Best School in Vizag

Best Schools in Vizag for best future of Students
Best Schools in Vizag for best future of Students

Little Angels faculty was supported in 1983 at player Colony with a mere thirty-five students. Today, the varsity has full-grown into a number one establishment having fine infrastructure, with over three,000 students on its rolls. Best School in Vizag. The superb record of {the faculty|the varsity|the college} in player Colony inspired North American nation to open a branch in Ukkunagaram (Visakhapatnam factory territorial division) to satisfy the necessity for a typical English medium school within the Steel town Township and also the close areas. Best School in Vizag.

After Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation has been upgraded as larger Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation, {the town|the town|town} is quick developing as a cosmopolitan city in state as several transnational firms (MNCS) ar being come upon here. To catch up with the dynamical desires of the town, the management has conjointly started CBSE programme altogether categories to supply option to the scholars. Best School in Vizag.

The school believes in comprehensive development of youngsters at the varsity stage. Hence, varied information and extracurricular activities are often conducted to bring out the latent talent in youngsters. Very little Angels have perpetually been a fashion arbiter in these activities. Best School in Vizag.

As a result of this perspective, their students have excelled on varied fronts. They need brought laurels to the varsity in Games and Sports, Cultural activities, Music, Painting, Singing and conjointly literary activities at the District, State and National levels. Best School in Vizag. This trend of excellence by their students has been evident even in lecturers with several of them securing commendable ranks in Maths Olympiad and NTSE and even on a daily basis within the Annual Public Examinations.

This tutorial excellence has manifested in several of the scholars winning the desirable Pratibha Awards & National advantage Scholarships. I have to owe this to their qualified teaching employees WHO, by their Herculean efforts, have created the scholars what they’re these days. Their trendy teaching ways let alone the fine infrastructure have additional impetus to the current winning trend. Best School in Vizag.

I recommend you to travel through the pages fastidiously and realize what the varsity offers your kid. Believe me, in the end, you may have a reason to mention, “Yes, this is often what I would like for my child” Best School in Vizag.

Little Angels college was supported in 1983 at player Colony with a mere thirty 5 students. Today, the varsity has grown up into variety one institution having fine infrastructure, with over 3,000 students on its rolls. Best School in Vizag. The excellent record of the varsity in player Colony galvanized North American nation to open a branch in Ukkunagaram (Visakhapatnam manufacturing plant territorial division) thus on satisfy the need for a typical English medium faculty among the Steel city town and conjointly the shut areas. Best School in Vizag.

After Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation has been upgraded as larger Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation, town is fast developing as a cosmopolitan town in state as many multinational companies (MNCS) ar being discovered here. To catch up with the projectile needs of the city, the management has collectively started CBSE programme altogether classes to produce choice to the students. Best School in Vizag.

The school believes in comprehensive development of kids at the varsity stage. Hence, varied data and extracurricular activities ar typically conducted to bring out the latent talent in children. Little Angels has constantly been a model in these activities. Best School in Vizag.

As a result of this attitude, their students have excelled on varied fronts. They have brought laurels to the varsity in Games and Sports, Cultural activities, Music, Painting, Singing and collectively literary activities at the District, State and National levels. Best School in Vizag. This trend of excellence by their students has been evident even in lecturers with many of them securing commendable ranks in Maths Olympiad and NTSE and even on an everyday among the Annual Public Examinations. Best School in Vizag.

This tutorial excellence has manifested in many of the students winning the fascinating Pratibha Awards & National advantage Scholarships. I even have to owe this to their qualified teaching staff UN agency, by their Herculean efforts, have created the students what they are lately. Their fashionable teaching ways that including the fine infrastructure have extra impetus to the present winning trend. Best Schools in Vizag.

I recommend you to travel through the pages painstakingly and notice what the varsity offers your child. Believe me, in the end, you will have a reason to say, “Yes, {this is|this is typically|this can be} often what I might like for my child” ! Best School in Vizag.

Address: MVP Sector 3, Sector 3, MVP Colony, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530017, India

Phone: +918912553221

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2. Visakha Valley Best School in Vizag.

Best School in Vizag for best future of Students in 2021
Visakha Valley School in Vizag | Best School in Vizag

Visakha depression faculty was established within the year 1968 by the good stalwart and visionary Shri. Abid Hussain, I.A.S., the then District Collector and Chairman, Board of Governors, Visakha depression faculty with the noble vision of transmission quality education to the voters of Visakhapatnam and different cities. Best School in Vizag.

On the firm foundations ordered by the founder members, Chairmen and past principals, the varsity has full-grown and strength over forty-eight superb years and is nowadays a lot of wanted for admissions. Related to CBSE, New Delhi, it’sone amongst the premier co-educational English Medium colleges with categories from LKG to XII with commerce and science streams in and two. Best Schools in Vizag. 

The varsity is found on AN expanse of thirty-three.4 acres of land within the heart of town however is on the face of it removed from all the noise, din and agitated town life. Close in an exceedingly serene depression with lush inexperienced hills on either facet, the uninterrupted expanse of the blue on top of and also the ocean on the opposite facet, the varsity provides a contributive atmosphere for each teaching and learning to require place with ample opportunities for holistic growth and development. Best School in Vizag.

Their catchword “Strive for Excellence” conjures up and motivates lecturers in addition as students to surpass altogether fields of info and co-curricular activities. Here learning is for all times. The varsity guides the scholars to develop a positive outlook, instil right values, perceive and respect theirculture and heritage, take care of the atmosphere and become assured people to face the competitive world outside. Best School in Vizag.

Students square measure inspired to require half in varied activities like Art and Craft, Literary and Cultural, Games and Sports, Exhibitions, Fairs, Quizzes, MUN Programmes, Awareness programmes, Cleanliness Drives, repose faculty Competitions, Olympiads, CBSE activities, faculty visits and Excursions to broaden their outlook and perceive themselves in relevancy others. Best School in Vizag.

Maintaining with the CBSE tips, the subsequent committees with toughened Mentors and lecturers World Health Organization would be operating with Principal and Vice-Principals without charge interaction between students & lecturers are deep-rooted. Best School in Vizag.

Address: Visakha Valley Road, China Gadili, near Zoo Park, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530040, India

Phone: +918912553221

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3. Timpany School in Vizag

Timpany School in Vizag
Timpany School in Vizag | Best School in Vizag

From the chairman Education is globally joined with development and upward social quality, notably in a very country like Asian country. The economic boom is pushing folks to require higher lifestyles. Smart education is seen as a stepping stone to moneymaking careers and oldsters square measure willing to pay any amounts to teach their kids. Best School in Vizag.

But things in their country is associate degree enigma. On the one hand they’ve the most effective establishments within the world and on the opposite there square measure thousands of faculties, that square measure unhappy stories that tell of their country’s slowness despite tremendous progress. This is often the good paradox!. Best School in Vizag.

“A revolution is needed! Whereas there square measure noteworthy moves like the correct to Education for all, there’s a scarcity of motivation from the education industry” to act, they must!. Best School in Vizag

According to a United Nations agency report someday past there have been regarding seven,40,000 formal faculties with quite three.6millions teacher. No matter is that the precise range, this is often extraordinary figure. However, several of those establishments run with sadly inadequate infrastructure. Lecturers square measure sick equipped to face the recent challenges and an oversized range just keep it up category area routine. Best School in Vizag.

Schools like Timpany should take the initiative and send its lecturers to coach up lecturers in lesser privileged faculties. I might wish to see this as a commitment  they have a tendency to create to lift the standards of education in rural faculties, for example. What a noble contribution this will be and that they should start before long. Best School in Vizag.

Address: 9-26-7/A rebuilt 88hn, Rama Talkies Rd, CBM Compound, Asil metta, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530003, India

Phone: +918912754419

4. Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar High School in Vizag

Best School in Vizag for best future of Students in 2021
Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar High School in Vizag | Best School in Vizag

Sri Sathya Sai Vidhya Vihar Could be a college in Visakhapatnam, province, India. The college began functioning in 1984. It absolutely was opened by the district collector Sri Ajey Kallam. The college began its mission chiefly supported the teachings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai cake. Best School in Vizag.

The school is found in Sector eight, MVP Colony, Visakhapatnam.

“Education is forever and not for living” is that the slogan of Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar that has completed twenty-eight years of excellence. Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar started acting from twenty-fourth Gregorian calendar month 1985 with the blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai cake. He’s its life and soul. His teaching’s area unit its inspiration and goals. Best School in Vizag.

The school has a part of one.99 acres (8,100 m2) with a circular structure as its main building associate degreed abutting it’s an ‘L’ formed block that homes the utile yoga hall, science labs, the Vice Principal’s space, preschool and alternative categories. Best School in Vizag. It conjointly contains a library that has quite 3000 books, a room, associate degree art space and an enclosed sports space. The spherical building homes the pc workplace, Principal’s space, guests space, audiovisual space and also the work place space. Conjointly self-enclosed within the field could be a prayer hall (mandir) for conducting spiritual and repair activities. Best School in Vizag.

Though the college isn’t directly attached with the central trust of Sri Sathya Sai Organizations, Prasanthi Nilayam, it will receive steerage from these quarters. The college is underneath the State Trust of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations. Best Schools in Vizag. The top of the organization is Sri. G.K.Mukunda Rao. Alternative members of the committee embrace Sri. S.G.Chalam the State President of Sri Sathya Sai Organization, province,Late Sri D.S.N.Murthy,Late Sri V.R.Reddi, Sri. N. Prasad Rao, Sri Anjanaiah and Sri.Ranga Rao. Best School in Vizag.

The first principal was Mrs. Prameela Abburi (1984 – 2000). She was succeeded by Mrs. A. Kausalya, UN agency continues to be the principal until date. Mr. P. Purnanand serves the college as its gift Vice-Principal. Best School in Vizag.

The school runs underneath the CBSE system of education teaching from L.K.G through customary ten. The college follows comprehensive analysis system for the first sections thus on avoid the examination stress. Best School in Vizag. The college achieved associate degree mixture of ninety-seven for the tutorial year 2008-2009 within the CBSE customary ten board examinations. Best School in Vizag. Out of the eighty-eight students that appeared for the examination in 2009 thirty-six students secured quite ninetieth and every one of them passed in first-class. Throughout the tutorial year 2010-11, Out of ninety-nine students that appeared category X CBSE Board examination twenty students secured ten out of ten CGPA (Cumulative grade Average). Best School in Vizag.

There area unit four homes, all student’s area unit members of 1 of these: Sathya :- which means Truth – Yellow, Hindu deity :- which means Right Conduct – Red, Shanthi:- which means Peace – Blue, Prema :- which means Love – inexperienced. Best School in Vizag. The scholars of those homes contend against one another for house marks. The house with the very best marks wins the ‘Best House Award’. The opposite classes for awards are:-

  • Best House in teachers
  • Best House in Sports
  • Best House in Sabbath Special
  • Best House in walk
  • Best House in Discipline

The school has courts for basketball, volleyball, court game and throw ball, with lawn tennis and chess instrumentation within the indoor sports space. Matches area unit command between the homes altogether of the sports events. Best School in Vizag.

The ‘Saturday Special’ is prevailed the last Sabbath of each month during which the scholars contend against the scholars of alternative homes in events like quiz, dumb charades, singing, and taking part in musical instruments.

To promote and defend the Indian culture, the college has shaped a heritage club underneath the INTACH Visakhapatnam chapter. It absolutely was named ‘SHREYAS’ and promotes awareness among the Vizagities regarding the native heritage. The college conducted a five kilometer long ‘Heritage Walk’ from the college field to the Hawa Mahal via the ‘Kurupam Monument’ lovingly called the ‘Taj Mahal’ Of Visakhapatnam. Best School in Vizag.

The school has associate degree audiovisual space that homes musical instruments and audio instrumentation. Pious and refreshing music is contended throughout recess and through the morning assembly. Best School in Vizag.

The school’s morning assembly includes talks by school and students, and music sessions. Each Thursday there’s a Bhajan session that is in line with the activities of Sri Sathya Sai Organizations. Alternative days morning assemblies includes singing songs of all the religions, and singing of hymn. Best School in Vizag.

The school has been awarded the INTACH ‘Best college Heritage Award’ for the years 2006-2007 and 2007-2008. The college won the INTACH Heritage Quiz Award for the year 2006-2007 and were the runners-up within the year 2007-2008. Best School in Vizag.

The students of the college won the Ahamakia award that the scholars have to be compelled to meet the previous President Of Republic of India His Excellency A.P.J. Kalam on his visit because the President to The Fleet Review on twelve February 2006 at the Manasi area NSTL, Visakhapatnam. On thirteen March 2009, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam came to the college. Best School in Vizag.

Address: Adarsh Nagar Road Near TTD Kalyana Mandapam, Sector 8, MVP Colony, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530017

Phone: +918912552041

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5. De Paul School in Vizag

Best School in Vizag.
De Paul School in Vizag

The Congregation of the Mission was supported by St. Vincent DE Paul in France within the year 1625. This “Little Company” thrived to an excellent non-secular structure in course of your time and nowadays, the Congregation of the Mission has concerning four,000 members in forty-six Provinces and five Vice-Provinces scattered over eighty-six countries. Best School in Vizag.

In Gregorian calendar month 1963, simply before the final Assembly of that year the Genera late was shifted from Paris to Rome, doing away fully from the influence of the French government and changing into additional international. Within the year 1922 Vincentian Spanish Missionaries came to the Republic of India, and commenced their services in Orissa , and in course of your time it became a province. In 1997 the Indian Province was divided into 2 major provinces as North Indian Province and South Indian Province. Best School in Vizag.

Vincentians (CM) renowned for his or her creative skills and innovative acumen have created milestone achievements within the field of education. A number of the globe far-famed sister considerations of the Vincentian Fraternity are: Best School in Vizag.

Address: Balacheruvu Road, Near, Indira Gandhi Park, Sector VIII, Steel Plant Twp, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530032

Phone: +918500801097

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6. Intelli School in Vizag

Best School in Vizag for best future of Students in 2021
Intelli School in Vizag

Today’s world witness technical advancements within the spur of moments and paradigm shifts that happens night long -essence of education isn’t simply to create the kid updated or upgraded in tandem bicycle with the dynamics, however to instil a way of purpose of their existence in among themselves, so they lead or be a part of the mega exercise referred to as ‘Making this earth beautiful’. Best School in Vizag.

Taking forward the crucial lessons of training over 8000 students since 1966 through Pollocks faculty, visionary couple Sandeep and Rajini Chitra has incepted Intelli faculty. The philosophy of Intelli faculty is visualized around simple-yet-profound belief that learning ought to be a period of time attribute and if blends mirthfully, ability and attentiveness, the result’s a league of lighted minds WHO carves their own path and create an improved world. Best School in Vizag.

Intelli faculty is constructed on a sprawling two acres close to Marikavalasa, Madhurawada. With over one.5 acre dedicated for out of doors sports, useful coaching and youngsters play space. Designed by distinguished style thinkers of Bharat, the area’s area unit to synchronize and reflects the cooperative and experiential learning methodologies adopted by Intelli. Best School in Vizag.

The school follows CBSE programme, however has integrated Happy-Creative-Mindful programme into child’s learning journey. Intelli’s learning journey is supported by a balanced mixture of young and practised co-learners WHO believes within the growth by mutual learning and effective collaboration. Best School in Vizag.

Address: Marikavalasa Rd, Paradesipalem, Madhurawada, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530041

Phone: +919100666395

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7. Vignan Vidayalayam Thimmapuram School in Vizag

Best School in Vizag for best future of Students in 2021
Vignan Vidayalayam Thimmapuram School in Vizag

15 kilometres from Vizag town within the tranquil encompassing of hills, Vignan Vidyalayam Thimmpauram field on the Bheemili beach road with its peaceful setting and far from the city’s cacophony is a perfect place for learning. Standing on a sprawling 23-acres of land, the establishment homes had expansive vary of progressive facilities that was absolutely catered to the modern-way of instructional demand of the scholars. Best School in Vizag.

The school, besides holding a motivating tutorial heritage of ninety-nine success rate across all batches in SSC examinations, provides exemplary sporting facilities to students, and depicted the establishment of numerous sporting events at state level, as well as the thirty-second National Games to bring home bountiful glories. Vignan Vidyalayam has additionally non-heritable a spot within the prestigious Guinness Book of Records for a 36-hours relentless dance performance by vignan students. Best School in Vizag.

The world these days they tend to all ar seeing may be a world hub and folks ar its voters. As boundaries of location, folks and time stop to exist, it’s of utmost importance that they tend to move with the days. At Vignan faculties, they ‘ve got created a singular mix of first course of study, modern teaching methodologies, and equally specializing in intellectual, physical and temperament development, leading to future leaders WHO ar able to withstand the planet. Best School in Vizag.

Address: Bheemili, Beach Rd, Thimmapuram, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530045

Phone: +918448440342

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8. St. Joseph’s Secondary School

Best School in Vizag for best future of Students in 2021
St. Joseph’s Secondary School

St. Joseph’s Sec. the varsity is travel by the sisters of St. Ann. it had been started by Bishop St. Ignatius cluster within the year 1966 to impart English Education to the floating population of Visakhapatnam.

On 2d Gregorian calendar month 1971, it had been bimanual over to the ‘Sister of St. Ann’. A Shed with ninety students on roll and three academics was its humble starting. Since then, it flourished below the in a position steering of Sisters Dennis, Simon and Regis. Sr. Regis was the primary Principal of the varsity. Best School in Vizag.

Later within the year 1978, the varsity got its affiliation to the ICSE Board, New Delhi. Since then, the strength of the varsity accumulated phenomenally as additionally the quality of transmission education. Because of the tremendous improvement and growth, the present building had to be made. At this time the varsity strength has up to over 2500 students with a seventy-five member teaching workers and around twenty forming the support workers. Best School in Vizag.

‘Education may be a lightweight that burns bright to dispel the darkness within the society and therefore the world – being lit within the temple of Learning – the varsity, burning and enkindled by the good Gurus’. Best School in Vizag.

This Holy lightweight is being lit by their dedicated workers of academics, holding aloft the principles of the tutorial apostate with a non-secular commitment. Best School in Vizag

This prestigious establishment has been transmission worth – based mostly education since its origin in 1971 until these days, with success satisfying the social’ desires of this town of Destiny – Visakhapatnam. Development has sadly diminished the virtuous position of Education and has reduced it to an artefact that reduced it to an artefact that would be bought and sold-out. Best School in Vizag.

However, even in such unfortunate circumstances their college has not departed from its non-secular commitment and has been with success overcoming all odds, hurdles and obstacles to be faithful to the necessity that it had been established. The wonderful results churned out by this college bears take a look antimony to the actual fact that it’s stood the test of your time and has emerged because the solely customary English Medium college during this a part of the town.Best School in Vizag.


Visakhapatnam, the town of Destiny because it is stated, is the associate applicable name for the town illustrious for one of all India’s far-famed universities. Andhra University and additionally its natural harbour that gave birth to a flourishing industrial belt. Best School in Vizag.

As it is one in all the quickest developing cities of Asia, there’s each would like for outstanding education. Visakhapatnam, a gorgeous town by its terribly location offers a congenial atmosphere to market education despite its hustle and bustle. Best School in Vizag

In this stunning town lies their prestigious and prestigious establishment. St. Joseph’s Sec. School, Malkapuram, enclosed by hillocks and leafage around all of that gift a serene and calm atmosphere to impart education to the budding voters of tomorrow. Best Schools in Vizag.

Today, within the field of education the necessity of the hour isn’t solely the accumulated facilities or refined equipments however a brand new vision. Best School in Vizag. Such Education would harmonize the traditional aim of Self information. it’s here that we tend to as educationists got to specialize in each individual kid and his ability to be told Art and Science of inventive living within the international context.

Education is that the method of Enlightening the mind, enkindling the centre, empowering the soul, energizing the body, enthusing the entire person to wake up the fullest potential realization, all the hidden potentials of the human temperament therefore facultative the individual to make the human society characterized by freedom, fellowship and Justice. Best School in Vizag

This college has né’er wavered from its standard and native teaching practices: victimization tried and tested ways alone; it’s preserved its strength and customary.

Address: Scindia-Gajuwaka Road, Post, beside HPCL Petrol bunk, Malkapuram, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530011

Phone: +919491882364

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9. The Presidential School in Vizag

Best School in Vizag for best future of Students in 2021
Kendriya Vidyalaya No.2 SVN | Best School in Vizag

The Presidential faculty is doubtless today’s most putative name to reckon with within the town. Established in 1994, this faculty has progressed and grown up into three Campuses from Play Wing to Grade twelve. The colleges boast of a wonderful chronicle in teachers and an ideal balance of holistic learning within the co-curricular, Sports and artistic fields. Best School in Vizag. The 3 Campuses try for core values that aim at the broader development of the all-around temperament of its students, inculcating a way of integrity, ethics, unyielding honesty, and robust laic attribute. Best School in Vizag

With the rising of three Campuses across town, their buildings project itself as outstanding landmarks of Visakhapatnam. And so established a Founder’s dream… The dream of eminent specialist mister. D. S. Anand. Best School in Vizag.

The Presidential faculty was established in 1994 and is one among the foremost leading colleges in Vizag and Bheemili. They tend to square measure the establishment of opportunities for their students UN agency square measure recognized for his or her values, wisdom, and character. Best Schools in Vizag. The varsity aims to market excellence, empowering a various community of scholars to grow and notice success through their teaching and learning ways. Best School in Vizag.

They strive for excellence and square measure dedicated to creating leaders of the longer term. To satisfy this vision the varsity provides an associate setting during which each student discovers and realizes his/her full potential. Students square measure diode by a dynamic team of dedicated, extremely qualified, well old and committed Mentors. Mentors play multiple roles as lecturers, philosophers, and guides leading the youngsters to the trail of humanity and success. Best School in Vizag.

The school follows a syllabus that aims and trains international.

Address: Radha, 50-121 27/1, Seethammadhara Road Balayya Sastri Layout, Krishna Nagar, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530013

Phone: +918978783153

10. Kendriya Vidyalaya No.2 SVN

Best School in Vizag for best future of Students in 2021
Kendriya Vidyalaya No.2 SVN | Best School in Vizag

Kendriya Vidyalaya, No. 2, Sri Vijaya Nagar was inaugurated within the year 1983 with associate degree aim to square because the Model Vidyalaya with all needed facilities to coach the youngsters because the best voters. Best School in Vizag.

It is a co-educational faculty related to with the Central Board of teaching (CBSE) and has been operative formally below the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan.


The School is provided with smart infrastructure which has Technology and spacious playgrounds. The class-rooms ar spacious, oxygenated and well well-found. The college caters with well-equipped science laboratories, libraries, huge play grounds, etc. Best School in Vizag.

Address: SRI VIJAYA NAGAR, (104 AREA NEAR INDUSTRIAL BUS STOP Industrial Estate, Gavara Kanchara Palem, Kancharapalem, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530007

Phone: +918978783153

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